Sublimation Blanket- Introduction, Ideas, and Tips to Generate one

Sublimation Blanket- Introduction, Ideas, and Tips to Generate one

Sublimation blankets are unique with different designs of prints. They use a sublimation process to print out or transfer dye on fabric. Sublimation printing is getting quite popular on fabrics quite recently. You can sublimate any print of nature, anime, boho, logo design, etc. Always use high-quality photos to sublimate blankets. In sublimation, the dye does not penetrate the fabric but rather bonds with the fibers of the fabric. This process uses heat to transfer dye to a medium. Mostly polyester fibers are dyed with the help of sublimation. Sublimation blankets images do not fade, crack or peel over time like other printed images.

Tips and ideas to make your sublimation blanket:

The sublimation blankets are made up of high-quality, soft, comfortable fabric and can be printed by sublimation printing. You can design your blanket. Try to do that on the polyester blanket for better results. Just follow the following tips and here you go.

Formulate a design

First of all, organize your mind and think of a design. You can design anything whether your logo, flowers, postcard, animal, anime, or classic ideas. Then mirror your design and check it thoroughly, and select the color scheme carefully.

Put in a sublimation printer

Now after finalizing your design place it into a sublimation printer. Get your design printed onto a special sheet of paper.

Transfer design on fabric

After getting your design on the special sheet of paper now it’s time to transfer it onto the blanket. Spray adhesive on your blanket and carefully place the design on it. Warm up heat pressers up to 400 degrees. Press the blanket with the design by heat pressers until the ink disintegrates on the fabric. It almost takes 40 seconds. And the design gets printed on the blanket evenly.

Nicely done

After making sure that the design will be evenly get on the blanket immediately peel off the paper. Here your sublimation blanket is ready. Either use it by yourself or gift it to someone.

Benefits of sublimation blankets

As sublimation uses heat to transfer dye on fabric, it doesn’t easily wear out, crack or wash away unlike other printings. You can get customized, durable, fast, and efficient sublimate blankets. Because it’s an easy and quick method. They have evenly, high-resolution images or designs with a continuous tone. Because in sublimation blankets image is not just printed on them but infused within the blanket material.


Sublimation blankets are designed through the sublimation process. It is quite an easy method and if you have a sublimation printer you can design on your own or you can also get a customized one. To design your sublimation blanket; firstly, take a polyester blanket, design your image or idea, take a print out of it with adhesive material, and heat print it on your blanket. Sublimation blankets have the advantage over other printed blankets as the design is not simply printed on the blanket but rather embodied on it. So, it is reliable and durable run over a long time. it didn’t get cracked and washed out easily.